Cannot communicate to the extension


I have reinstalled the Uipath Studio and also I have reinstalled the extension thrice,
But the uipath throwing Error : Not able to communicate to the browser
Extension is still installed

Don’t understand where is the problem

Could you please guide me to solve this
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Hi @Seetharaman_T_J,

Take a look at this thread

I am again suspecting group policy overide.

This is my personal PC any other ways to resolve this @jeevith

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Which browser are you trying this install on ?


Chrome and the Edge extension
In Edge it shows extension error

Did u try to reinstall it again ?


I have done that already

I cannot replicate this error on 21.8 community version.

I suggest you try restating windows and then reinstall edge and chrome.

Restart again and try installing the extension.

Yes I agree with jeevith

@jeevith @Seetharaman_T_J

When I faced this Kind of issue I usually start my machine once again and try it