Cannot click the Taskbar button

Is there any method to click the Taskbar button? I tried Click Activity and it cannot recognize the Taskbar button. I use 18.2.3 enterprise edition Studio, Windows 7 Ultimate system and IE 8 Internet Explorer.

The reason why I want to click the Taskbar button is that I want to go to the particular IE tag after openning several websites in IE browser. In most case, the particular website would appear on top of the desktop so that the robot could keep on processing on that website. The next process is finding a particular image on the website. However, on several occasions, the website cannot appear on top of the desktop for some reason which we don’t know yet, in which case the robot cannot continue because it can’t find the correct selector on the top interface.

Is there anyone who can help me with this issue? Thank you so much!

You can use click image & select the IE 8 from Task bar…

Hi @RoseFeng

You could also try the Activate activity to activate to make the correct window appear in the foreground.

Thank you so much for your reply. However, I need to click on the particular IE website from several IE websites.

Hi, thank you again for your help! I think this would solve my problem. Thank you so so so much!