Cannot Click/Identify Elements in IE Pop Up Window

Hi All,

I’m definitely an RPA rookie, but have been able to put together a majority of a process, but am stuck in one area.
My process is to open an internet site, log in, navigate within the site to export data.
When exporting, a pop up dialogue box will appear.
In the previous steps, UI Path could recognize elements on the screen for my “Click” functions.
With this IE pop up, it does not recognize any buttons (Attached picture of a failed “Click INPUT” that doesn’t recognize the radio button to click).

So my question is, what would be the best way to click a button on this pop up?
Would it be to import a .NET script to click at certain coordinates?

Any help would be appreciated!

try to use the recording function, and from there you start to simulate the activities you need, then you will generate those activities separately what you do is move them followed by your processes

@ehaag0419, the first step would be to click Launch Ui Explorer on the top middle part of your Studio. Make sure you’ve got the right selectors. Adjusting selectors usually does the trick. Additionally, clicking coordinates is the last thing you ever want to do. Try click images or using anchor bases if changing selectors doesn’t work.