"Cannot Check Orchestrator Config File For Encrypted Sections" While Launching The Orchestrator Installer For An Upgrade

Why is the Orchestrator installer throwing this error during upgrade - "Cannot check orchestrator config file for encrypted sections." ?

Issue Description: While launching the Orchestrator MSI installer to perform an upgrade, the installer throws a warning about encrypted config files which eventually hinders the upgrade process, and doesn't allow to proceed. This error may look different based on the installer version. A couple of examples of this error are as follows:

Investigation: Run the Platform configuration Tool before proceeding with the upgrade in order to check if any of the configuration files have encrypted sections. More information on Platform Configuration Tool .

With versions prior to 2020.10, it would usually be:

For versions 2020.10 and above, it could be:

Resolution: Follow below procedure

  1. Make sure to decrypt the relevant file(s) using the scripts illustrated in our official docs shared above
  2. Step a) doesn't solve the issue, the most probable cause of the problem will be that the initial installation has been done using a custom directory. In that case, follow the below steps:
  • Open the Registry Editor and navigate to "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\UiPath\UiPath Orchestrator"
  • Verify the below:
    • The "AppPoolName" and "WebsiteName" match to that in IIS --> "UiPath Orchestrator" (Be cognizant of the space in between)
    • The "InstallDir" parameter points correctly do the correct installation directory

If needed, reset the IIS after making any changes and then try re-launching the installer.