Cannot Build Projects With Custom Dependencies With UiPath CLI, Azure DevOps Or Jenkins Plugin

Projects with custom dependencies hosted on Orchestrator, with the UiPath CLI can not be built. Same applies for the products using CLI under the hood, like the Jenkins extension, or the Azure DevOps extension. How to fix this?

This issue could appear due to multiple reasons:

  1. First of all, make sure that the issue is not related to authentication to the Orchestrator feed. If there are issues with Authentication, the below will be found at the beginning of the log:
2022-12-02T17:05:22.7093919Z Failed to run the command. Could not connect to Cloud Orchestrator:***/***/orchestrator_, Account Name For App: ***, Application Id: ***, Application Scope(s): ***, Tenant: ***, Organization Unit: <orgUnit>/Test.

In case if this error occurs, there might be issues with the Service Connection setup, or the Networking between the build agent, and Orchestrator.

The troubleshooting steps depend on the type of Orchestrator used, but here are the steps if Automation Cloud is used:

  1. Verify the correct Scopes are used by the External application.
Update the scopes to these, both in the External app in Orchestrator, and in the Service Connection setup in Azure Devops, and try again,
OR.Folders OR.BackgroundTasks OR.TestSets OR.TestSetExecutions OR.TestSetSchedules OR.Settings.Read OR.Robots.Read OR.Machines.Read OR.Execution OR.Assets OR.Users.Read OR.Jobs OR.Monitoring

Refer source: Service Connection Configuration

  1. Ensure that the Service connection to UiPath Cloud is configured correctly.

As an example, if cloud URL is https:// uipathLucian/ DefaultTenant/ orchestrator_Configure the Service Connection like,

  1. If using custom build agents, make sure they are able to reach the Orchestrator. Ensure that if proxy or Firewall is involved, the CLI can successfully pass requests through them.

    1. Post successful connection to Orchestrator, but still cannot build projects with custom dependencies. Error like below will be received,
    2023-07-12T10:45:07.4280829Z Unable to create activity builder for Main.xaml. Reason was &#39;Cannot create unknown type &#39;{clr-namespace:TestEmpty;assembly=TestEmpty}test&#39;.&#39;.

    At the time of CLI version 23.2, for this version and all before, there is a known limitation of the UiPath CLI to fetch packages from your Orchestrator feed, if you have Secure feeds enabled. This will be addressed in the next version.

    To work around this issue, go to Tenant -> Settings -> Deployments and make sure that the setting for library is API KEY, not Secure Deployment. Save this config.

    • Check if the library appears under Packages - Libraries, in this tenant.
    • If not, upload it to the tenant feed, and try running the CLI / Pipeline using the CLI again.

    If these checks are met, and it is still failing, provide UiPath Support team with the following troubleshooting details:

    • Service connection setup (screenshot)
    • Orchestrator details (hosting, URL if cloud, etc)
    • External app setup in Orchestrator
    • Build/publish steps configuration screenshot or yaml
    • Full logs from Azure Devops .