Cannot automate internal browser page

hey all,
i am trying to print out a pdf but whenever i do the website opens to a new tab for me to print it out. UiPath keeps giving me a cannot automate internal browser. i tired attach window and attach browser even changed the mode for the selector. nothing is working can anyone help me. im using key board short cuts but i want a more stable way.

Hey @Shazid_Rahman,
Can you share screenshots if possible.

You should be working in modern anyway, so switch to modern and try Use Application/Browser.

When you say internal browser do you mean a browser your company wrote, or an internal web page being opened in Chrome or Edge?


First of all go to manage packages and allow the url and local files…

you should be able to automate the new tab as well just try identifying using active accesibility mode. You cna change mode by clicking f4 when indicating element…current mode is displayed on left top generally