Cannot attach pop-up window. Unable to attach to live Element

I seem to get a new error each time a try, i even tried the recorder. Basically, i click on an image and it pops up a window (with URL visible) but I cannot focus it to put in data. I’ve tried attach browser, attach window, and even manually added the URL to the selector:

When I click “Attach to Live Element” I’ll either get something saying it can’t attach to that element or:
[they won’t lemme put 2nd screenshot] “Attribute not supported by the current UiNode”

When else can I try? I know some articles i’ve read said “Use IE” but this test is specifically for Chrome.

Thanks for any help/guidance you can provide.

When the pop-up appears, is the background tab still loading??

No. It has finished loading before the link is clicked.
Here is a heavily redacted screenshot if it helps lol…

That’s weird.
Have you tired maximizing the pop-up window and selecting elements?

I would also try,

  1. restarting the studio
  2. Open studio in admin mode and try selecting
  3. Upgrade the studio version (if not done already)
  4. Try getting admin rights to the machine (if not done already)

Let me know if any of it works out…

Buddy its all the selector issue because attach browser will work for sure and we need to add some more attributes to the selector…
lets test in this way like we will identify whether this window is first searched by window or not lets use element exists and set this window as target element and write the boolean value in writeline as string…if it states as true,then we need to check the selector of the activities inside the attach browser after identifying the window…because there is no issue with window identifying only with its inner elements
if it fails to identify the new window itself stating as false in boolean, then we need the change the selectors in attach window itself as we are not able to open the window itself…

Lets try this and sort this out buddy


Thank you both for the replies.

I just restarted the studio and I confess, i hadn’t done that in a while ;). I will need to request admin rights for the other steps. (you know how these corps are!)

I agree the issue is with the selector. I too thought maybe the problem was with the elements on the page instead but this is the error that it throws:

Hrmmm… Let me try a few more selector options & maximize window…

@rachrahul2 @Palaniyappan
You guys are not going to believe this…


I used the record function initially. I’m not sure how that got switched to IE. At least, if nothing else, we now know why I belong in the Rookie forum lol.

Thank you both for your time!

HAHA…thats amazing


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