Cannot assign queue item to mail message

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@Jebarohith19 Please check if you have any variable name “Nothing” with datatype MailMessage. Then, please rename the same.

there is no nothing variable

share screenshot of your variable and arguments

in assign activity remove Nothing on right hand side and save then again type nothing and save that would remove the error :grinning:

it worked :slight_smile: :laughing: :laughing:

now this problem

@Jebarohith19 Transaction item is Mail message you need to go inside set transaction and update it

where to update?

@Jebarohith19 Inside set_transaction.xaml , open variable panel and search for In_Transaction item , it should be of mail-message type instead of Queue item

set transaction item faulted error when i run

Can you show/expand what it is there for Out_transactionitem= io_transactiondata

What did you assign for io_transactiondata?

list of mail message
im getting unread outlook message

sorry my mistake :slight_smile: , i was asking in Assign activity of Set the next transaction item there what is there for io_transactiondata
and can you show screenshot of arguments for new\readmail.xaml

readmail has nothing is a xaml which i previously created