Cannot affect string Var based on a DataRow.item()... POSSIBLE BUG?

Hello all,

I want to raise this topic as I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what is happening without no luck at all.

Basically the scenario is this:

I’m doing the Client Security hash for UIpath RPA Developer and It’s concluded but is failing when robot tries to load work item page.

This is because WIID var is being affected with 0 as I discovery the out_TransactionID is populated with null value and I cannot understand why.

out_TransactionItem = in_WIList(in_TransactionNumber)

checking the vars

we can verify that is populated as DataRow, the magic happens on out_TransactionID
out_TransactionID = out_TransactionItem.Item(“WIID”).ToString

Which will appear to be null

As I saw this as a suspected behavior I decided to put a Message box after it

With the same sentence… The result was the following

So, is this a bug on Studio 2021.10.0 ?

This is my GetTransaction flow

Regarding the objective I have sorted with this affecting WIID on Process sequence with the following CInt(in_TransactionItem.Item(“WIID”))

And it works!!!

If my code is needed to test and check if is a BUG let me know because I’m curious about what is happening here

Thanks All

Do you have this problem if you replace all instances of item(“WIID”) to item(1) ?

Which translates to ItemArray, Postion 1 based on your screen shot.


Hey @joao.loiro, welcome!

Do you have both a variable named out_TransactionID and an argument named out_TransactionID? From the sceenshot you uploaded of your getTransaction flow, it looks like you have a variable called out_TransactionID which has been assigned a value of 76023818 (the number I believe you are attempting to assign). You also have an argument called out_transactionID that is assigned null, which is what I believe you are talking about.

Its possible this is what is causing your problem. You might want to try removing the variable and seeing if the argument picks up the assign once that is done.

Hello Andy, the problem persist Out_transactionID will remain null.

Hello Ben, yep It did ok :wink: Thanks mate you sorted out

After remove the variable leaving only the argument it became populated with the expected value.

Thanks for your time

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