Cannot add System.Double to System.String

I have a strange case where i am trying to selecting combination of cells into a string.

For example i have this sheet.

Programid Program Brand Zip Territory Number Territory Name User Type First name Lastname email Phone
19 85 45461 54864 B1 TRM test FRM email1 *********
19 84 34561 44646 B2 PPS Test PSC email2 *********
19 85 78957 648945 B3 FCO FCM Test email3 *********
19 84 87654 44654 B4 FCO test FRM email4 *********
19 85 42679 548454 B5 PPS Test PSC email5 *********
19 84 23416 5454 B6 TRM FCM Test email6 *********
19 85 23547 54564 B7 TRM Test PSC email7 *********
19 84 86950 564654 B8 FCO FCM Test email8 *********
19 85 32789 654 B9 FCO test FRM email9 *********
19 84 21345 654 B10 FCO test FRM email10 *********
19 85 32456 654 B11 TRM FCM Test email11 *********

I am expecting an Output to be written as below into my variable “Querry2”

‘19’,‘85’,‘email1’,‘19’,‘84’,‘email2’,… and son until row ends
can some once please helpSample.xlsx (9.2 KB)

Hi @syed_Basha

See attached workflow. Hope this helps :slight_smile:Get row (9.1 KB)

@syed_Basha,AppendRow.xaml (6.9 KB)


Hello Both,

Yes it helps, and also is there any why i can select distinct valuse from each column from the sample excelsheet

Yes it helps, and also is there any why i can select distinct values from each column from the sample excelsheet


Can’t this be written with out code?

Can’s this be done with out code by using activites

No.There is no activityAppendRow.xaml (10.0 KB)
Refer this file for distinct values @syed_Basha


Hi Sreekatnh,

Thank you very much this works perfectly

I am really sorry to disturb as a final step i have been trying to use join with below command

string.Join("’,’",DT1.AsEnumerable().[Select](Function(row(“Program Brand”))).ToArray())

however seem i can use string from object

Hi All,

How to convert double to string…im trying subtract two values and getting the below error

“message”: “Assign : cannot subtract a System.Double from a System.String”,