Cannot activate UiPath Extension on Edge nor Chrome

Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone had an issue with installing the UiPath extension on Chrome or Edge. It says it has been installed successfully, but the extension is not visible under the Extensions in Chrome nor Edge.

Is it because my computer is blocking the extension for some reason?

Is there a way to bypass this and get the extensions to work? I’m working on the Studio Community version.

The thing is, if I have an older version of Studio, the Chrome Extension pops up when I try to add it. It just doesn’t pop up with the latest version of Studio.

Any ideas?



Is it a work laptop with vpn?

Mostly the extensions to a browser are blocked by firm policy and need to be whitelisted, or added to whitlisted

below doc will help in understanding the topic more clearly

Yep, it is a work laptop with a VPN. Thank you for your answer!


Recently I faced this and I hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. Search this URL in chrome and click add to chrome
  1. Instead of add to chrome if it shows Blocked then try re installing the application

And while installing the application you will get this image where click in CUSTOM


  1. And choose AUTOMATION DEVELOPER and along that option you can see ADVANCED SETTINGS

Open that option and check whether edge and chrome extensions are enabled

If yes click on install and before doing that make sure all the chrome and edge applications are closed
Only then extensions will get installed

  1. Even after that if that doesn’t install extension then check with your POLICY with admin team

Cheers @morning.karen