Cannot access java elements in Uipath version 2018.3.1

I used earlier version of uipath where i can access the Java elements but now i was unable to can you please help me to resolve it

Hi @Vamsi_Nori

Please reinstall your Java extension from the Tools menu:

It can be that it needs a refresh after each update.

You might also want to restart your machine to make sure that all changes were properly applied.

hi, I even did that but didn’t noticed a changed but i was thrown a error that UiPathJavaBridgeV8.dll
is being used by other tool. Do i need to uninstall the previous version to activate it??

Is the error happening when you try to install it via Tools menu? Could you provide some screenshots? Intuitively, you should try to install it after fresh computer restart so that you are sure that UiPath is not using the file while you try to reinstall it.

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I looked into it and I also get the Error #4 message. It is a know issue and will be fixed in the upcoming release.

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Any resolution for the above issue

Hi @kirankumarha

What version of Studio are you using? It should be fixed in the latest release :slight_smile:

2018.4 beta version…Any issue with the latest beta version???

A few points here, because I’m a bit confused :slight_smile: The 2018.4 was releases and is no longer in beta. In fact, 2018.4.3 is the latest available Enterprise patched version, see here for the release notes:

Then, is your version a community edition or an enterprise edition?
In case of the Community Edition, there is actually a 2019.1 release that you should be updated to automatically.

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