Cannot access application 'iexplore.exe'. Elevated privileges might be required. Try running the UiPath application as an administrator

I.m using type into activity to access Oracle EBS form. But the selector pop up this error. I’ve searched the forum, and followed below step to set compatibility:

We got solution for privileges error in UiPath: In Task Bar–>Right click on UiPath Icon–>Click Properties–>Click the Compatibility Tab–>Click the check box button on Run this program in compatibility mode for: and click the Change setting for all users button → Click the check box button on Run this program in compatibility mode for: in compatibility for all user tab–>Click Apply–>Click OK and click Apply

At the time I set for the above step, then run uipath, there is no errors again. And the workflow run’s successfully. But later after I restart computer, the error pop-up again.

Does someone meet this error before?

There should be some policy running on the computer that overrides the settings after a restart.
Try the below workaround if you are just trying to launch UiPath studio as an administrator.

Step 1

Add the following code to a text file named runUiPath.txt. Any filename is ok.

powershell -Command "Start-Process 'UiPath.Studio.exe' -verb runAs"

replace the UiPath.Studio.exe to the correct path on your machine.

Step 2

Change the extension of the file to .bat

Now you can run this file to open UiPath as administrator.

Hi Kannan, thanks for your quick reply. Based on your explanation, I’ve figured out what caused my issue is that the IE explore has set as “run as administrator”. Thus if uipath is not run as administrator, it cannot access iexplore. When I remove the check of “run as administrator” of IE, it can run sucessfully.

But my other question is, I used to try run Uipath as administrator by right click the icon, then click “run as administrator” to open Uipath. Then I run the workflow, it pop-up “Unable to start execution”, as the screenshot shows.

As I saw your step to run as admin for Uipath, there are many steps rather than simply right click. Is your way the correct way to run as administrator for Uipath?

I don’t understand what is shown in the pop-up. Could you please translate?

The method I suggested is just one of the ways to run an application as administrator.

the meaning is “Access rejected”