Cannot access a closed pipe - v 2022.4

Exactly same issue :

  • after an upgrade from uiStudio 2020 to 2022.4.1 : works fine on 3 VMs, issue on one.
  • works fine for a few minutes, but after a while:
    === unable to open a xaml (“cannot access closed pipe”),
    === if click on the [Open Workflow] of an invoke activity, nothing happens
    === if launch with [Debug], or [Run], or [Step Into] = freeze : all button greyed, need to kill uiStudio

Tries with NO SUCCESS :

  • clear all uipath folders in %UserProfile%
  • uninstall/clear folders/reboot/reinstall(User Mode)/reboot
  • uninstall/clear folders/reboot/reinstall(Service Mode)/reboot
  • upgrade packages
  • brand new project