Cannot able to login in orchestrator

Hi team
Hi @ovi

in above link all setting i have done no use after that also i cannot able to login in orchestrator ?
file: C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Uipath.settings ~~~~~~ loginToConsole: true

i cannot able to login in the orchestrator ?

what is the solution for this ?

Hi @RaviDevaraj,
Create new Tenant

Click BECOME A TENANT and register and try again.


why ?
Previously i created the login there i assign so many activities [like schedule, robot.,.,.]
that task all now automatically schedule time executing automatically ?
how to stop that ?
why i cannot able to get that login ? instead of creating new one !!!
How can i require ?

Did you forget your password? The second screenshot shows that you have entered a wrong password multiple times and now you will have to wait a couple of minutes for it to let you enter the password again.

When did you first create your tenant?

hi @RaviDevaraj

As @arivu96 said create a new tenant may be because may be it would have been expired

Ashwin S

Last month [March 2018]