Cannot able to find the selector for this event?

Hi Team,

I can not able to find the Selector for this enter button.
using UI Explorer and click event I have tried no use throws an error see below screenshot too

using UI Explorer error was: "The UI Element no longer valid "
An Alternative way to achieve this part?


Hi @RaviDevaraj

Would maybe sending the Enter key solve the issue?


ok i will try and update to you @loginerror

Thanks for youur Idea

try image based automation

What I meant is that you could try to press enter after typing in the password. Normally ENTER key works as a confirmation for the login window, so maybe would also work in this case?

yes works fine Thanks a lot .

I Want to select the below screenshot show as like but I don’t know how to achieve this in UI path can anyone help me!!
All menu is no need to click in that EG:- In The “Practice management” menu my cursor went there then display -->licensing/contracting
This Menu, I need move my cursor to this menu compensation/production ~~ List of 4 options available in that I need to select the View commission this alone click event how can I achieve this in a simple manner
Can Anyone able to explain to me !!!


Thanks and Regards

@RaviDevaraj you will have to use UiExplorer here. Just open the explorer click on a tab and it will provide you a tree of page then you will have to find selector for “View Commissions” and use click event. If this page is accessible publicly I can try and help you out