Cancel running job with other trigger

I have two processes, both using RE Framework.
The processes is triggered when a queueitem on separare queues.
So process 1 is trigged by queue 1.
Process 2 is trigged by queue 2.

Item comes in batches to queue 1, so it can easily be 500 queueitems on queue 1.
This takes about one hour to process.

What I would like is if an item is placed on queue 2 during this time, that process 1 is stopped and process 2 can do it’s work. Then process 1 can continue to dequeue.
Is it possible to send a stop-signal to process 1 when an item is put on queue 2?

I have tried setting priority on queue-items but it doesn’t stop process 1 from running.
I have also tried priority on the processes in Orchestrator, but it still doesn’t stop process 1 from running.

Anyone have any idea?

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Perhaps you could put Q2 process inside your Q1 loop. If Q2 trigger, then do Q2 stuff until complete. Then it will resume Q1 iteration.

Yes this might work.
But I was kind of hoping for a more generic solution so I don’t have to modify process 1 if same need is needed for another process to be able to break processing of process 1.

But thanks for your reply, that will solve my problem right now :slight_smile:

Almost managed to solve the problem.
Found out that I can make API call to Orchestrator from Process 1 to see if there is any queue items on any queue that has priority = High
If found, I can stop processing Process 1 and let Process 2 do it’s work.

Only problem now is how I should get Process 1 running again to continue process queueitems om queue 1.

Using the same logic, if you send the api call and run Process2, then can you send something back to Process 1 (notification or variable value) where it will resume once value or condition is met?