Can you schedule robots to run on a VM?

If I am using the virtual machine in orchestrator, can I schedule robots to run in these? and if so, how can I do this?

As currently I have to go into each job and click run opposed to having them run on a schedule.

for example, now I have to start them from here:


You can create a trigger to schedule the bot on specific times and run

or click on start at top and select the process and machine and user and run it

Go to triggers tab…create trigger, select the process and time to run


HI @aquinn

  1. Go to Triggers


  1. Click on Add a new trigger


  1. Give the Name of the process
    Select the process from the drop down

  1. Provide the machine and Account where the Robot need to run.


  1. Set th Time Zone accordingly


  1. Play with the timing


Check out the video and docs


Thank you so much, and this will allow me to schedule them to run even on a virtual machine?

Yes @aquinn
Do you have Unattended license

I haven’t looked into licensing yet but I will have the pro license agreement so I assume yes. Will this matter?

Can I only schedule with unattended licenses?

I have had a look at the pro documentaiton but i cannot see how many unattended licenses i will get

Yes, only unattended licenses can be used for scheduling on a Virtual Machine


  1. Only unattended license can be used to run jobs from orchestrator on the vm
  2. To know thw licenses available…go to admin-> licenses there you can click on edit allocation and see how many licenses are available


Need Unattended License to Run the job from the orchestrator.

Do you need more details on trigger asspect? @aquinn

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