Can you prevent tenant login without deletion?

Hi all,

I need to upgrade the ORCH-farm and want to point our customers to our secondary farm of ORCH. We suggest they move their robots and schedules there while we are upgrading the old farm. News letters, flyers, mails etc. all should inform the customers as to how and when.

Knowing customers, there is always a handful that do not get the memo, let alone read it. I cannot upgrade the farm unless all customers have moved out. In order to nudge (friendly force) them to move, I want a means to prevent their tenant login.

When the upgrade is over I want them back. Therefore I am not interested in deleting the tenant, just disbaling them for the time being.

Is there a way in the host or in the tenant itself to prevent customer login?



I don’t know if this could resolve the issue, but I see 2 options:

  1. Deactivate users, you can activate them later


  1. Disable tenant, you can enable it later


Hi Juan,

LOL - The reason I didn’t think of it was that our ORCH was a couple of versions behind.
It works like a charm. Thanks, Juan

Best regards