Can you place a wildcard such as * or ? between a String in the Selectors of an Acitivity?

Hello. I am trying to create a dynamic click activity where the robot will pick a role that has two distinct names where the only difference between those two roles is a 3 characters in between the name. Example: Budget Analyst vs. Budget SME Analyst

I tried to create a selector where I put the wildcard between the two words so that either can be picked. “Example: Budget * Analyst” so that it will pick either role. However, Studio isn’t recognizing the selector.

Can you use a Wildcard between a selector or is there another way?

Hello @JKim997 ,

I believe the solution for you is to use RegEx in your Selector.

Please check this post how this can be implemented:

I hope it helps.



Thank you for the suggested solution. I read up on RegEx and was intrigued on the idea and will probably implement it later on. However, I found an easier solution which is to not add any spaces between the wildcard such as using “Budget*Analyst” instead of “Budget * Analyst” and the automation will select the correct selector.

Thank you again.


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