Can you month + 1 with an if condition?


I wanna ask if my logic can be done. So there’s a variable called maturity date. Each customer has their own maturity date, I wanna month + 1 starting from last month and get the longest maturity date.

For example :
Query result is :
Customer Name | Maturity Date
Customer A : 2026 - 07
Customer B : 2025 - 08
Customer C : 2028 - 01

I’m gonna use sort data table, so sort data table desc (will this get the maturity date of customer C which is Jan 2028?)

If (month-1 <= maturity date)
Month + 1

so the expected output (in columns not in rows) will be :


or are there any simple thing I can do? Thanks !

Hi @Rhys18,

You can adapt it to your own project. I hope that will be useful.

simpleExample1.xaml (10.1 KB)



Hey @Rhys18

Yes, the logic is possible!

You can use the Date and Arithmetic operations for the same.


Thanks for the answer everyone

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