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The student must complete U tasks during the test. The control work is credited if it is collected
T points and completed n tasks. The time allotted for completing the tasks is L minutes. The tasks are of different difficulty, so the student spends different time completing them. Completes the first task in m minutes. Next, each subsequent task takes k minutes longer than the previous one. Also, each task is evaluated with a different amount of points. The first assignment is graded B, each remaining task is graded more D than the previous one. Find how many tasks the student can complete in the given time, how many points will be collected, and how much time was spent solving the tasks.

U=7, T=70, n=5; B=15 D=2 ------- shared parameters

L1=45, m1=8, k1 =3,
L2=90, m2=14, k2 =6,
L3=65, m3=5, k2 =3

Hello @Sami_Rajput

Does that mean here bots need to perform these tasks and need to calculate the overall time taken to solve the entire task?


yes, exactly

if the tasks are executed by bots, you can use a global variable to calculate the starting time and the end time. Then make a difference of these times to get the time taken for the execution.


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