Can we write into excel using workbook object

I’m trying to write into excel ,
but after the execution the file is not being updated . i’m passing workbook object as an input.
but if i pass filepath it get’s updated

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@Krutika_Kotkar So After reading the Excel in an Excel Application Scope , you’re using another Excel Application Scope and Trying to use Write Range?

@Krutika_Kotkar Make Sure Auto Save Property is Enabled on Excel Scope

both are different workflow
I’m creating one workflow to open an excel and it gives workbook object as output
another workflow uses that object to read or write
read operation is done , even write is done but it doesn’t save the output after execution the excel has previous values only not the one written by write excel.xaml file

@Krutika_Kotkar Have you Checked Auto Save Property to True When using Write range? :sweat_smile:

Yes , i have to explicity use save workbook activity for the sheet to be updated . autosave doesn’t work when i give workbook object