Can we write a multiple trigger conditions in a single bot

Hello folks,

My requirement is to write the sequence of different steps for six trigger files.Each and every sequence of steps from one file trigger to another is different. We can’t predict which file will get trigger every time that may be any one from 6. The file which is triggered should only run not other files. is it possible to write six different conditions for six triggers in a single bot. If yes, then could any one please let me know how can we do it. Its urgent requirement please do suggest.

So, you mean based on only one condition, any file out of six will be triggered at an instance?
If I’m right then you can achieve this using switch functionality…


Thanks santosh for your quick response. For your information I can say No. We have six different conditions for six files to trigger in which one of the file may trigger every time.

Hello @ushu, do you mean you have like 6 files (A, B, C, D, E, F) and like on file change, you want to run different automations, each automation different for each file?