Can we use vba macro code (invoke code, method) on .csv or .xml?

I had to deal with big size of data file .
Client want to perform operations (Copy-PAste, Add or remove data, filter data, Pivot table, Formatting Data, formulas on rows) on .csv or .xml file.
I did not have done development on .xml or .csv.
So, what should I do here ? I have used macros and VBA on Excel. Can I use on .csv or .xml?


We can’t use macros in the Csv i think

And please dont create a duplicate topic mate , you can loop someone in the same topic instead of creating duplicate
Duplicate Topic: Can we do pivot, Formulas, Macros using .xml File?


I didine get the answer for .xml file topic . And this topic is on csv . So, that’s why i created new.