Can we use selector for "OR", "AND" conditions and some other checking condition?

Can we have conditions in selectors?


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You can create dynamic selectors based on conditions.

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You can use variables in selectors. Variables, by definition, can take on different values, depending on conditions.

can anyone please explain with an example ?

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Please have a look at the link below.

thanks @KannanSuresh but question asked more than given in the link

Hi @blacksundar

Yes you can do that. The best way to prepare your selector is to use a string variable to hold your selector.

Create a string variable and add your initial selector to the variable using an assign activity.

Then depending on your conditions you can use IF conditions to check your conditions. If the condition is true, then use another assign activity and change the selector accordingly in the if activity. If not true, it’s the same procedure again. It will help you generate selectors based on multiple conditions easily

Does it help


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