Can we use Queue in Development License

First Question: Can we use Queue Item in Development License.

Second Question: If we can use queue then i am getting below error while using it. Can you please help me to understand this error.


Hi @sachinbhardwaj,

Have you checked your permissions in Orchestrator ?

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Can you please tell me how can i check permission and what permissions ?

Hi @sachinbhardwaj,

You need to login to Orchestrator, then go to users (upper right-hand corner; under your user icon); change tab to “roles”; click edit on a role you’re interested in;

You should see a list of permissions
In order to be able to add items into queue you should have appropriate permissions in “transactions” row :slight_smile:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hey Filip , i checked the settings and its the administrator role, so have all the permissions

can you share more info on the error (full message) and activity itself, please :)?

Please find the activity details.