Can we use notepad as a Config File?

Hye guys, can you guide me on how to use the notepad as a config file beside using excel? Been searching and research about this but non i could find. I am new in UiPath too

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somehow you can create xml format.

Config file can be excel, or using googlesheets as well. Can i check why you are considering a notepad?

Im looking on something that can be access when the file is open while running.
If using the xml format, how it will written?

Thank you !

Sorry, different topic, have you considered using UiPath Orchestrator Assets?

No sir, we are using orchestrator only to store credential infos. config file is to store variable such as file path. So right now im looking for a substitute such as text file to replace excel file as config file.


Write Asset names and it’s values in Json format in notepad file and then read it.

Have a look below thread.

Hi Sir, upon reviewing the project, i could not find how does the variable in the json file was written and also how to differentiate the variable and its value?

Thank you

Hi @ainaasyhda,

Can you elaborate on this requirement “can be access when the file is open while running.”? What is the scenario that you need this?

If you want to be able to access the config file while the process is running, then I guess we should focus on the location of the config file rather than its file type.


Let me tell you a simple example
Every project when created you can find a PROJECT.JSON file

It’s the input for xaml file we create
From there it takes project dependencies and it’s version, project name, and many other details in a Key value pair

And we can see those details by opening that Json file using notepad

So in similar way and similar format we can write the input for the process as well and that too just a .txt file

So write all the key value pair where key is your variable name
And save that file as .txt file (not as a .Json file)

—then we can use READ TEXT FILE activity and read that txt and get the output as a string variable

— which can be passed as a input to DESERIALISE JSON activity to get the key and value

Here you go on how to use that activity

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @ainaasyhda

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