Can we use ervcie account to login vm and run bots?

we are using admin accounts as admin account have most of the rights to execute and access files from the all locations so UiPath automation runs smoothly.
admin account : CORP\ADM-FR-SFAKHORI
sefrvice account : SVC-FR-S2DCAUTO
we conenct our production using admin account , and now need is there to run more automations and we dont have free slots for admin accounts to run / admin account is occupied with existing automation.
Team provided us service account instead admin account to connect our vm and to run automations.
to login certain applications via servcie account is possible which we are doing currenly also but can we run automations using servcie account?
we are using task scheduler and for now our vm is not able to connect with service account as servcie account deoent have logon accesss.
my question is if team provides logon access to servcie account then can we execute our scripts without any issue ? or can we ask for admin account to the team ?
we are using ateended named user license.
Please help us on same.