Can we upload the package which is created in uipath 2018 versio to Orchestrator uipath 2020 version?

I have a package which was created in
Uipath 2018 version. Can i upload the same Old version package in uipath orchestrator 2020? Will it work ? or should i open and create new one package in uipath 2020?

Hey @Zara_Yasmin

Uploading will not be an issue, As it will be just like file storage.

But when you run that package process in a bot, The version matter at this point.

2018 is like outdated I believe. Kindly check the Compatibility matrix & Package dependencies Release notes for confirmation.

Hope that helps.


Hello @Zara_Yasmin
Maybe during the execution you may get version compatibitility issue. So better to udpate the package to the latest version and then publish to orchestrator.

Which studio versiona re you using? Can you try updating the packages to moderna ctivities and publish.