Can we trigger UI Path tests through jenkins

can we trigger UI Path tests through jenkins. if yes can i get the sample jenkins job template?

Hi @phanim4u

Check this

How to work with Jenkins


Just out of curiosity, we have Orchestrator available to do the same. Any specific reason here to use Jenkins?

i’m automating one of our application using selenium and which ever are not possible i’m automating them with UI Path. My other selenium scripts we are running using jenkins and we are triggering jenkins job using our App Work flow, so thought if we can run ui path tests also from jenkins then I can easily integrate that with our App work flow.

if we cannot run ui path tests from jenkins, is there a possibility of triggering the runs from orchestrator through a Rest API?

Of course we have API to trigger the jobs. Here is the URL which will help you

Thank you Hareesh. Will explore this option…