Can we Take control of another machine and install application?

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I have a query in which we have to take control over another machine and install applications or to connect with another machine with their Machine name or IP address and install applications

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I’m not sure about the exact commands, but I’m sure this can be achieved via SSH connection commands or powershell new-pssession command(and then passing the script in the scriptblock to install applications)

How are you doing it currently? SSH? Scripts? GUI?

There are lot’s of possible solutions but a bit more info would be great.

You could use this Connection to SSH Server - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace to connect via SSH.

I want to do it in any possible way but want to know all the cases of connecting to other machine using uipath. GUI May be more good.

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Can it be done?, if yes kindly help me with the query

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If you have Admin right on the network, you can do this via shell scripting. I was able to restart a VM from other machine using shell script. likewise you can install applications too.

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I have the admin rights, Can you help me on how to achieve this like any references, codes, commands etc…?

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I am not master in powershell scripting. But I got the below script from Google. As I worked on basic commands in UiPath-powerShell script, I can say this will work for you. to run Powersheel you may need to install/Activate packages(you can get instructions from google.). variable names are readable that helps you to understand the script.

$computername = ‘xxxx’

$NewFolder = ‘Folder Name’

$dir = New-Item “\$computername\c$\windows\temp$NewFolder” -Itemtype Dir

copy-item -path “UNC Source path” -Destination $dir -Recursive -Force

Invoke-Command -computername $computername -ScriptBlock {c:\windows\temp\foldername\Deploy-Application.exe /silent}

Hi Satish,

Thanks for your quick response, I have tried this powershell script but it didn’t work and throwing errors when tested in Windows powershell ISE application. Kindly help me with any other alternatives if possible

maybe that’s just my opinion, but… I’m happy to help you with RPA related stuff but you’re basically asking us to do your job.

You need to figure out how you can access and control the other machine without RPA first. Use google, ask your colleagues, whatever.

Once you’ve figured it out, come back.

Or simply use the GUI.