Can we stop the robot in the middle of processing if the items are not changed/Added?

When I start the bot I have like error with product dimension field data selection. Please suggest me some idea to resolve it permanently. Or else can I stop it and can I run through the other bot.

Are you using try catch activities to surround your processes??

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Although we will need more details on the error you are encountering;
you can use a “try-catch” activity whenever you encounter an error during your process but if you really need to terminate the workflow you can use a terminate activity.

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Hi in my workflow I have got an SAP Error - Object reference not set to an instance of an Object - Save image can you please suggest me to resolve it

Yes I do use try catch activities.

can you share a screenshot

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Fine usually whenever we face a error unexpectedly while the process in on, we always want that exception to be ignored or processed and continue with the process. As said uipath has a activity called Try catch activity (as others suggested)
But the way we use it veryimportant
It’s not only about handling exception but also to continue with the process when an exception occurs
So we mention the process sequence in the try block of try catch activity and if any exception occurs it will go to catch block where we can have
Activities that can handle the error
And as say you are facing the below error, this can be handled even in try block itself.The reason why we get this error is because the activity at which this error occurs has a variable without any value that is the variable has null value…kindly check the value of the variable been passed has any value or not…for that use a writeline activity before to the activity where this error occurred and pass that variable.ToString as input To writeline activity… so that we would come to know the value in the output panel (kindly share that screenshot if possible)

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Rickyroy