Can we separate teks and number data using screen scraper?

i have a problem for separate teks and number data from website using screen scraper, i use ocr method and already try diferent character selection. how can i separate teks and number data using screen scraper?
as in this screenshoot, i just want the number data without the teks. please help, thanks


Click that drop down in Characters field and select Numbers only from list and then check it.

i already try it, this is the result

i try different scope too, but that number infront the data i want still always come


Ok. We can do one thing after scraping the data and will give you output as string. And then we can use Regular expression to read only numbers from it.


There are 2 solutions you can use
1)once you do the screenscrapping , copy the scrapped text
Then use generate datatable activity
Inside this activity paste the above copied text as input for preview
Now use separator as “:” to split the value
So it will give output as different columns
Text is into one column and numbers into another column

This method best suites if the data you have shown is block of data with multiple values / lines

  1. Use assign activity
    Create 2 new string variables
    With the screenscrapping the output is string variable ex: screenscrapText

Now in assign 1

String variable 1 = screenscraptext.split(":".tochararray)(0)
This will give you text
String variable 2 = screenscraptext.split(":".tochararray)(1)
This will give you number

This solution works for you for single string value

If the return value in 2nd variable gives you double , then pls use generic variable type or double variable type

it work for me, thankyou for replying, superb!

Welcome, Happy Automation .

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