Can we send Uipath.Core.Browser object From One Process to another process

I am not using Invoke Workflow. I am sending the browser object as inArgument in Invoke Process activity.

Hi @amiya

It should be possible. Did you try and get some errors?

One thing you need to be careful about is passing the object. If you close the app corresponding to the UiObject you will get an error. This happens because apparently UiPath tries to compile the UiObject when passing it into Invoke Workflow/Project.

Hi @GT_Ropa

I am not closing the application.
I am getting this error Invoke Process: Invalid format for argument ‘IO_BrowserObject’: Error getting value from ‘Element’ on ‘UiPath.Core.Browser’.


How do you pass the argument?
Is it as a UiElement variable?

I had exactly the same problem when I wanted to send the UiElement after closing the application.
It was because when Invoke Workflow was being run, UiPath first was checking if the UiElement varaible inside my dictionary was corresponding to the existing UiElement.


I have just created a testing workflow and got the same problem. It may be impossible so to make sure please contact UiPath tech support.

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First I tried with Sending the Type as “Browser” but it won’t work.
Right now am checking by sending Object but it won’t.