Can we run a bot to do a backend job of a website?

hi guys,

I have a doubt regarding the implementation of created bots. Where these can be used? Can we use the workflow to do a backend job of a website?

Lets say I have a website which takes csv files from user and then process it and give the result back to user. The processing is done using the workflow. We do need a server with uipath installed right? If so how can we connect the Uipath and user files?
Here the inputs will be from the website and the bot should run according to the inputs.

with regards
Amith V S

Cheers mate…I am also having the same doubts…

But for me, instead of website it’s a software…
I have to take data from a remote software (for example a billing software in a supermarket) and then process it and give back the output to the same remote software…
How will I do that??
Is it necessary that UIPATH should be installed in the remote system to run the workflow??
Confused! :frowning:

Hi Amith,

My understanding is, you need to have robot running on the server that takes csv file from user and processes it. As remote connections work only with OCR, you cannot run this is on background from your machine or uipath server