Can we refer a dll into invoke code activites?

I want to refer a class name from dll class file into invoke code activity. Is there any possible to do that ?

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Yes it is possible to call a dll inside the invoke code activity. But it’s all depends on your design.
Could you please show some more light what you want to achieve by calling dll.

Interested to know more on the same…@ovi, @aksh1yadav, @ddpadil


I have not yet start the design. I will let you know when it is it finished.

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My idea is, to extract the data from the image(similiar using OCR) with more accuracy through .NET and add the dll to uipath and invoke a code using invoke code activity. Inside the activity , i should call a particular function alone from external assembly. which i could the called function argument in the workflow.

Is this method is possible in uipath ??

yes it is possible. please use Invoke code activity.

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