Can we record using two Virtual machines in UI Path?

Dear All

I have a scenario where UI path is installed in my laptop but i need to take data from two different VM’s (virtual Machines) and execute the scenario . Is this possible using citrix recording. As for i know it is possible with one VM.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Can you please elaborate the answer like how we can do it or if any pre settings or requites required etc.

You answer might help us.

Thank you!

Hi Sunanda,

Yes, you can do it using citrix.

It depends on your use case, but you can open two different remote connections and activate each window when you need to extract your data using citrix. No specific settings required. If you’ve done it before with one VM, it should be as easy with two.

Give it a try and let us know how it works!

Thanks Ovi!

Sure will give a try and update here.


i want to run the robo from my laptop but all the process happens on the VM, is it possible ? and how ?