Can we read multiple scanned images which are in reverse format and write to excel in specified format


We have multiple scanned Invoice images: Some of them are in reversed format and in different angles.

Can we read all these images at a time using OCR and write the data in to excel in a specified format using UI Path?

Please help, we tried with google OCR with straight and single image, but our observation it behaves differently in different systems( ex: extracted data is changing if i try on multiple machine)

Please advise, it can be feasible with Community version? if not what is the best OCR to do this scenario?
Any working sample is also helpful in addition to this.

Thanks & Regards,
Mounika Polsani

The fact that it behaves differently with the same input on different machines would cause me to suspect the resolution might be different on the different machines and that’s what’s causing the issues. One way to resolve this is to run in a Virtual Machine so the resolution can be set to something specific and consistent for the OCR to run against.

Running against items where the format can be reversed and the angles change is something I am not certain of because there are a lot of variables at play.