Can we read data from Mobile Apps (Android / iOS)?

Is it possible to read data from Mobile Apps using UiPath?

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Well if that app could be synced with our desktop like how we do for whatsapp through whatsapp web we can get the data from that app using uipath buddy
Else i hope we wont be able to
may be in future we can come up with that option along uipath as well

Cheers @mrkrunaldoshi

Thanks @Palaniyappan
I think, it is necessary to work on it. To read OTP from mobile will allow us to over come the issue with 2 way authentication. Reading data from mobile app will be an added advantage.

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Well we got an option for this like we don’t need mobile app to be accessed with Uipath
Usually when we get a pin or any kind of authentication to our mobile will get the same through our email as well so we can access those emails instead with Uipath using some of the activities like get mail activities through outlook through Gmail like the stuff
its still possible with uipath for two-way authentication without mobile access

Hope this would help you
Cheers @mrkrunaldoshi

Just a thought, can we do it by connecting to TeamViewer or similar app? Has anyone tried it?

Hi @mrkrunaldoshi,

We can send the text message using twillio but not sure about reading the text. It’s been a while since I use Twillio but you can give it a shot and check.


Thanks @anmolk171!
I tried with TeamViewer Quick Support on my mobile and with UiPath, I was able to automate the process however it has some drawbacks too but we can overcome it in coming days.

@mrkrunaldoshi bro i have the same requirement , to access app data using uipath can you help me on this, like how you used Team viewer quick support to access app data

Hi @VenkataSuresh,
Sorry for delayed reply, can you let me know if you have tried using TV Quick Support to access data?

No bro…i am not getting how to use Team viewe quick support to access mobile app, if you don’t mind can i get your watsapp number so that i can resolve this issue soon…

Can it is possible through mobile automation which is in build in update version of uipath?

I am not sure about it, however if it is not part of the current release, we would surely see in the upcoming versions.

Happy Automating!

Yes we can read mobile message using mobile automation new feature in uipath connect mobile in mobile device and read message from notification and get the message in uipath …now it is possible to read OTP message from mobile …Thanks to UIPATH …great feature Mobile automation.