Can we read all the data of a Data Column if the column variable is given?

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I want to get the item values from a data column. I mean i want to traverse column wise and for each column i want to read each value.

Is it possible ?

I assume you are talking about data tables.

Assume if you have 3 columns in your data table, then create three arrays(say array1,array2 and array3). Now for each row in the data table, you can append the following values to array1, array2 and array3 respectively

This will help you get all the column data into seperate arrays. Same logic applies for any number of columns.

But there’s no such activity to go through “for each column” in datatable.

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Great. Seems the solution.

Will try it.

Actually I want to transpose a data table. The above solution will help me.

But after transpose the first column of the data table will become the headers of the new data table. So how to do this ?

Hi @kkpatel

I think in RPA marketplace, there is an activity for transposing datatable

Try that


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