can we pass variables in query of default view?

Hello all
I am trying to vaviable in a query because values are not fixed for column index. So i am trying to use variable. Is it possible to solve with this manner? While using this I am facing an error.But while using column number directly its showing the values.Is there any way to solve it? sharing my Zip File and XAML. Error

While passing values of column number directly it returns the outputdatatable.

where is your zip file and xaml file?


Is this file contains any Column headers or not ?

Please share the files.
And also you can use outputdatatable activity to see what is the data and also column headers.

Difference (31.2 KB)

I am trying to compare excel sheet with other on the basis of columns of sheet1 either they are present in sheet to or not… onn the basis of that number…


Can we use query like this where outdtstr1 is “Column1,Column2” or we need to pass column name individually. Here since column number are not fixed so m trying to use this variable.Is there any way to get columns on the basis of variable name?

testing_3.xaml (45.4 KB) XAML file

yes it contains

yes i have used… but i am facing the problem while executing default view query