Can we install studio (license standalone) in non-persistent without Orchestrator

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In non-persistent VDI can we implement UiPath Robot/Studio without Orchestrator. If yes how it will works. What type of license need to procure.


Local License - You can activate Studio with a stand-alone enterprise trial or license code. This type of license activates the Enterprise Edition of Studio. This activation can be done both online or offline. For more information, see Activating with a License Key.
If you already have a local license for your Studio, but still want to connect it to Orchestrator, make sure to select the External License checkbox in Orchestrator when creating the Robot. This ensures that Orchestrator does not allocate a license from its pool of licenses, as your Studio defaults to the local one.

Reference: About Licensing

@Lakshay_Verma Thanks for your response :slightly_smiling_face:

The above information already available in UiPath Docs portal and in Persistent VDI the we can achieve.

For example: If you are implementing an UiPath Studio/Robot without Orchestrator on a non-persistent VDI infrastructure. You need to procure a license for robot/studio (standalone). what type of license you have to purchase or else does UiPath supports non-persistent VDI for Robot/studio(standalone). If yes how ?

Basically my requirement is Non-Persistent (Machine name keep on changing whenever the user login the VDI each time) infrastructure with local license Studio/Robot.


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Could you please help ?

@ajin.chellaswamy I did some more research on docs and found this.

Your license type is of Attended/Studio
Your deployment should be of type User Mode Robot

Reference :- Deployment Type
Reference :- License Type

Based on your requirement, irrespective of machine name, your robot will be deployed based on your username coming from AD and License will be of Attended or Studio

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@Lakshay_Verma Thanks for your update.

We are planning only for Attended Robots. if we are installing a robot/studio on user mode. how the licenses will work for a particular user?

How we can activate UiPath license via Active directory to the user?

Hello, if you have a stand alone license. You can install it in any system/machine even in a VDI.

@ajin.chellaswamy ajin.chellaswam

Login to your user account, install UiRobot and run C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath.LicenseTool.exe activate -l XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ-AAAA
License registration state: ActiveLicense
The User Mode Robot is best suited in attended automation scenarios. It runs under the user that starts it, and has the exact rights as that particular user.

Installing the Robot from UiPathStudioSetup.exe deploys the User Mode Robot by default. It can also be installed from UiPathStudio.msi, or the Command Prompt.