Can we input as file upload and radio button in UiPath Apps

Hi All,

I tried but could not find option to upload file like in UiPath Forms and neither radio button for Gender like we have in UiPath Forms similar in Uipath Apps.

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Hi @devashish1989

I have confirmed that in the current iteration Apps don’t have Radio buttons. I don’t think file upload is supported currently either.

I have had similar issues where I required radio buttons, but I solved it using a slider control and hidden field.



Thank you @AndyMenon

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@devashish1989 You’re right, Apps doesn’t have a radio control today - but it does have a List control that supports single selection. Have you tried using that instead?

File Upload (via Orchestrator storage bucket) is coming by the end of the month!


Hi Evan,

Is the file upload function up and running yet? We are really looking forward to this feature!

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