Can we get the Unread mails and store its contents into excel


I’m extracting unread mail through “Get IMAP Mail Messages” from gmail.

I want to store the “From”, “Body”, “Subject” in Excel sheet.
I had 3 new Added new columns via “Add new column” and named them as “From”, “Body”, “Subject” and store the respective information in the columns.

I’m facing difficulties in storing the information in excel. Is there any way out?

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @ray_sha,

There is better way to store into Excel.

  1. Build Data Table activity to create a DataTable with three columns “From”, “Body”, “Subject”

2. For every email extracted Add Data Row activity

3. Write Range activity to read from the Excel data table and store to Excel

Please note that Excel automation is also covered in UiPath Academy - RPA Developer Foundation.