Can we get important articles in newspaper?

pls say how its possible

Hi @raja_ias,
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Could you expand your thought a little bit?

I want to be able find important articles in newspapers using UI Path.
And condense every week’s online articles into a one page word document with the most important articles. And condense every week’s online articles into a one page word document with the most important articles.
The information should be a little more than the headline…
I hope u get my point @Pablito

like related to trending news and current news and also i want to fetch specific fields like medical etc… @Pablito now i hope u clear…
Thank you

So this is possible for sure. The studio is capable of scraping the data from websites but there is no easy instruction on how to do it. I mean it is not something that I could easily describe here. I suggest visiting our UiPath Academy where you can learn about our products and how to use them totally for free.

Actually my learning process is going on uipath academy…Actually i expect some clear tips from you…or Do u have solution of this problem?
or Where can i find solution for this problem?

You can start by using the “get text” inside the “Use Application/Browser” activity. Or even more easily using the App/Web Recorder button from the top ribbon menu.

Anyway without any precise information about what exactly do you want to extract and from which website it is hard to help. Every website is different and requires a different approach. Let me push this topic as a public one. We have a lot of people that could help you with that but you must also tell what have you tried already and where the problem is.

Thanks for your help… Actually My boss told me to do this exercise…Thats why i entered into UIPATH academy…
Pls post this question as public…
Maybe i get help from someone

Have you tried anything so far?

Please take a look at the Tutorials - UiPath Community Forum section for useful materials.

Nobody will perform the task for you just like that. You need to show your initiative as well. Forum users will help you but you need to show what you need, what did you try, where is the problem etc.

sure…Once i done learning …i will be back here