Can we develop in UiPath on the same remote server where the unattended bot is running?

Good afternoon friend;

One question please, I have Uipath Studio for bot development on a local PC and Uipath in service mode on a remote machine, where the bots are executed unattended.

My question is I can develop on the same remote machine but with another account. If the answer is positive, would I have to install Uipath Studio in the new account?

That remote server is Windows server 2012r2


Yes you can and yes you will need to install Studio.

I’m curious why, though. Your current setup - developing locally and deploying to servers via Orchestrator - is the usual way to do it.

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The reason is that the local machine was damaged, so they want it to be developed in another account on the remote server. On the other hand, they told me that another person would also develop in another other days.

I mentioned that we could do that with git, but apparently they don’t want the development to be off their servers. In something very rare.


Yes you can do the development in Unattended Bot machine also if UiPath studio is installed.

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Hey @Lynx

Yes of course.

You can do that by installing UiPath Studio with developer license enabled.


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Yeah you can do this studio installed in new account

The steps involved will be

  1. Develop your bot in studio installed in that new account

  2. Make sure you have installed both studio and a robot in that new server

  3. And that robot has to be connected to orchestrator

  4. Once after developing publish that bot to orchestrator

  5. And now you can run the bot in you remote server from orchestrator as a unattended bot

Cheers @Lynx

Hi friend i have uipath service mode in account 1. Could I nstall in second account, the uipath studio for me to develop?


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In the same machine ?

@Nithinkrishna yes, on the same machine

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Hey @Lynx

You can only logout and login with new account please.


If the server is a vm, can you remote into it and do the development?

Yes ofcourse we can @hoganedward

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