Can we deploy multiple bots from different accounts on the same server machine having different users?


I wanted to deploy let’s say 5 bots for 5 different processes (all foreground, none background) on a Windows server hosted on AWS. So, to do that what would be feasible as well as practical to implement from below?

  1. Using a single server with bigger storage and good specifications having 5 users logged in from 5 accounts running their own processes.
  2. Using 5 different servers with minimum required specifications having 1 user each.

The context of asking these questions is that I have never worked with multiple bots and users.

According to this thread, it is possible to do the FIRST one.

If first option is possible, do I have to select single user while installing UiPath on each User on the server or I can install for all users?
Please help me with any settings required for such setup. Is there any environment variables involved with the setup? Or is it just like the regular setup?


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To my knoweldge it’s possible to setup in 5 different users in one windows Server

Now, for installation, you can logging to Admin account and install for every User, this will install the setup file

But you need to login manually to each user and you have configure the assistant to connect to Orchestrator

Also, you need to have different licenses for each user

Hope this may help you


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Hey @Srini84 ,
Thanks for the quick response! This is really helpful.

One more thing I need to clarify, we can login to each user on the server and run bots on them simultaneously, right?


Yes, but need more resources, allocate to that Server for smooth running
Also, need separate license per user


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Got it @Srini84!!

Thank you so much for your help. Really appreciate it!

Have a good time.

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