Can we delete End State in reframework?

can we delete end state in reframework?

Yes you can modify re framework as per your requirement.

is will work properly after delete this state?

Hello @priyanshu_Vatsal you can delete or add any states to the existing framework…But End state will help to properly close all your opened applications which you opened in the init state.

End state will just do the closure of the opened applications. If you want you can delete it.

ok, thank you

i have one more question

if we got 3 continue error in REframework what we should do?

@priyanshu_Vatsal where are you getting the error??

Is it a business exception or system exception??

In case of business exception it willproceed to next item. In case of application exception based on the retry count(you can specify the count either in config file or while creating the queue if there is retry count) bot will retry the items .For eg if the retry count is 3 and for all 3 cases if application exception occurs it will go to the next item starting from the init stage