Can we Customize Taxonomy json file path in DU?

In the DU exercises, Taxonomy.json is always stored in “\DocumentProcessing” folder.
Can this be stored in another location and referred in Data Extraction - Activity ?

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No, this can not be done at least for now. Taxonomy location is predefined in project folder and can not be store outside of this. It is defined in package itself.

Thank you @Lakshay_Verma for the response.
If there is a dependency on the folder name and location for Taxonomy, won’t there be challenges in creating reusable components using DU ?
The Taxonomy cannot be included as part of package since if we use any DU activity related to Taxonomy it will check the default location and not the one in the package. I believe that we will have to manually copy the Taxonomy files from package to Project location in that case.


Well i don’t think so, it will be case. But before i comment, Let me try this


Indeed, this will be a dependency, the taxonomy need to be moved physically or else it will throw error.

@Lakshay_Verma thank you for the confirmation. :slight_smile:

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